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From "Andreas Stieger" <>
Subject Re: SVN
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2016 08:24:11 GMT
>> How can we move to apache 2.4 from 2.2 for the already installed SVN.
> This is quite a general question which IMHO is reasonably close to impossible to answer.

It is also the wrong question to ask! If you have to ask this question, stop and do not do

Instead use a properly maintained GNU/Linux, BSD or other software distribution. Most of these
come with Apache httpd and Apache Subversion with matching builds. They are made to work,
are pre-configured and are supported by their integrators. If you find yourself compiling
anything, you are probably doing it wrong, and the instructions are not for you but for the
distribution maintainers. (By "wrong" I mean what I honestly recommend you do, not what you
may have the freedom to do.)

That being said.. migrate to a distribution release that has Apache httpd 2.4, and the rest
will follow. I am proud to say that the distributions I work on - SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
(commercial) and openSUSE Leap (professional/community) - have a turn-key configuration with
a working httpd and mod_dav_svn, with maintenance updates, support and everything. And yes,
you really can just get a small VM for this, why are you bothering to bolt on something to
that single httpd you happen to have around?

It just tears me to pieces every time a junior guy is tasked to set up svn and he is for some
reason motivated to dive into build and dependency problems which are long solved elsewhere.
That for no other reason than mistaking the build instructions for end-user install instructions.
You are just needlessly burning through your time, the money of your employer and the upstream
community support resources.

This is of course written from the view of a distribution package maintainer. In other words,
the people who make stuff to get things done with. If you are using a Windows platform, use
a binary vendor listed on the link below.


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