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From Jim Barry <>
Subject "svn update --set-depth=exclude" exits prematurely, leaving repo in need of cleanup
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2016 14:51:48 GMT
When excluding a subtree from the working copy, if any unversioned items 
are present then the svn update command fails silently, leaving the 
working copy locked and requiring cleanup.

This is with version 1.9.4, the current release.

Reproducing the problem is fairly straightforward. Create a new repo (or 
just use an existing one):

$ svnadmin create repo
$ svn checkout file://`pwd`/repo wc
Checked out revision 0.

Add a directory and subdirectory:

$ cd wc
$ mkdir dir
$ mkdir dir/subdir1
$ svn add dir
A         dir
A         dir/subdir1
$ svn commit -m "Added dir"
Adding         dir
Adding         dir/subdir1
Committing transaction...
Committed revision 1.

Create another subdirectory, without adding it to the repo:

$ mkdir dir/subdir2

Now, let's exclude "dir" from the working copy:

$ svn update --set-depth exclude dir
D         dir/subdir1

OK, so svn says it has deleted "dir/subdir1", but has left "dir" alone. 
Fair enough, as "dir" contains the unversioned item "subdir2". 

But wait - let's take a peek:

$ ls dir
subdir1  subdir2

Huh? What is "subdir1" still doing there? Let's quickly do a regular 

$ svn update
svn: E155037: Previous operation has not finished; run 'cleanup' if it 
was interrupted

Oooh, that's not good! Let's take a closer look:

$ svn status
  L     .
  L     dir
?       dir\subdir1
?       dir\subdir2

Yikes! Looks like svn bailed out without finishing the job.

This must be a bug, right? Any chance somebody can take a look at it?


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