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From Stefan Hett <>
Subject Re: Compiling svn + httpd for windows python 2.x
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2016 11:38:02 GMT
Hi Mark,
> Folks,
> We use subversion with Trac behind httpd on Windows Server.  As Trac is written in "old"
Python (2.x), I have had to resort to building everything from source.  This is not simple
and so I thought I would publish my notes here in case it helps anyone else and in the hope
that if I have made any mistakes, someone will be kind enough to point them out to me!
> ~ Mark C
> These are my notes for building Apache httpd and subversion for use with Trac [1].  All
of the components need to be built using the same compiler to avoid run-time issues and, since
Trac currently relies on Python 2.x, that means Visual Studio 2008.
Why does Python 2.x (aka: 2.7.11) imply having to use VS 2008? MaxSVN 
[1] is built using VS 2015 Update 1 (the upcoming builds will use VS 
2015 Update 2) in combination with Python 2.7.11 and I'm unaware of any 
issue related to that.


Stefan Hett

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