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From Evan J <>
Subject How to Preserve Directory Commit Time with SVN Export
Date Fri, 24 Jun 2016 22:25:46 GMT
I am trying retrieve *only* the artifacts that have been modified/added in
Subversion repository from revision x to revision z. For that, after
obtaining a list of such files/folders through svn diff --summarize, I run svn
export in my script to retrieve the individual files/folders.

However, svn export doesn't seem to preserve the commit-time timestamp of
directories (it does for files though). As a matter of fact, when the
folder structure is exported, the timestamp of folders are the current
system datetime (while the actual files contain the timestamp when they
were last committed to the repository). I even tried to run svn export with
the following command option, but the results are still the same:

svn export http://svn/repo/url/path/to/folder
C:\temp\test\path\to\folder --depth empty

Apparently, use-commit-times is already set for svn export to yes (and is merely for
other svn commands, i.e. checkout, update, switch, etc.).

Is there a way to export (or retrieve) a delta of the files/folder between
two revisions while preserving the commit-time timestamps for folders?

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