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From Olof <>
Subject svn:mergeinfo updated for unchanged files/folders at merge of a feature branch to trunk - is this desirable?
Date Sat, 11 Jun 2016 17:48:01 GMT

Perhaps someone here can bring some light to this topic.

We use the common technique with a trunk and feature branches. A feature
branch is created by branching trunk. The feature branch is continually
kept up-to-date with trunk by merging changes from trunk to feature branch
(rebase). When development in the feature branch is finished the content is
merged back to trunk.

When the feature branch is merged back to trunk all changes to the feature
branch, including those created by rebase, is recorded in svn:mergeinfo
property of the affected file/folder in trunk. One consequence of this is
that files and folders which have not been updated in the feature branch
(except by rebase) is marked as changed (property only) in trunk when the
feature branch is merged back to trunk.

The trunk log shows that these folders/files where changed when the feature
branch was merged back to trunk despite that no folder/file content has
been changed in the feature branch relative to trunk. This is quite
confusing for our users because TortoiseSVN shows that a lot of
folders/files they haven't changed have been updated in the merge. In
addition a lot of unchanged files will be shown as updated at next SVN
update command. Why is this necessary? Is it a desirable behavior?
Shouldn't SVN be able to figure our what's actually changed in the feature
branch relative to trunk and record only this mergeinfo?

Olof Wolgast

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