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From Marcin Kuzminski <>
Subject [RhodeCode] Open Source Subversion SCM with Git Repository Management
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2016 12:58:13 GMT
Hi all,

In RhodeCode 3.X series we added SVN support. With RhodeCode 4.0, we open
source two years of work under the AGPL license. Now Subversion users get
free repository management with LDAP, Active Directory, and built-in code
review tools. And if your company is using Git/Mercurial, you get unified
source code management for all the repositories.

Some of RhodeCode’s features are:

- side-by-side SVN, Git & Mercurial repositories

- authentication plugins with LDAP, ActiveDirectory, Atlassian Crowd, and
auth tokens

- integrations with 3rd party trackers and tools (Jira, Redmine, Jenkins,

- advanced system of permissions with IP restrictions

- code review tools with inline code chat

- code snippets system (gists)

- in-browser file editing with commits

- modular architecture with plugins & APIs.

The source code is hosted on the platform itself:
along with an installer for Unix. Download the latest version of RhodeCode
from and let me know your thoughts!


Marcin Kuzminski



P.S. We have an active open source community. Anybody willing to contribute
is more than welcome to join our Slack channel:

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