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From Brandon Eusebio <>
Subject Performance Decrease After Moving Working Copy to Another Machine
Date Wed, 15 Jun 2016 21:36:51 GMT

I am trying to move/copy a Subversion (version 1.8.10) working copy from one linux machine
to another. From researching similar questions/answers, this seems possible by simply moving
the entire folder (along with the .svn subdirectory). I have implemented a solution that performs
this copy using tar.

On source machine:
`tar -cpz -f checkout_directory.tar.gz checkout_directory`

On destination machine (after copy of the tarball):
`tar -xpz -f checkout_directory.tar.gz`

This achieves the goal of moving the working copy to the destination machine; however the
performance of svn operations becomes drastically slower. For example, a `svn status` on the
original machine takes < 1 minute, but takes ~1 hour on the destination machine. The entire
folder is ~50GB, but these timings include clearing out the linux buffers/caches and similar
hardware/load on each machine.

I can mitigate the performance hit by doing an `svn cleanup` on the destination machine, but
this operation also takes ~1 hour. I suspect this updates the change times that Subversion
uses to determine whether or not local changes have been made (

Is there a better way of moving the working copy?

P.S. I would like to avoid to doing another checkout on the destination machine because this
must be done on many machines and the working copy has many untracked files (mostly binaries
that are created from a nightly build).

Thank you,

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