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From Gunter Königsmann <>
Subject persistent checksum errors if .svn/tmp cannot be created
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2016 08:26:05 GMT
Dear all,

Not a bug in svn - but a thing svn could probably detect:

I've had reports from 2 users (and 3 cases on my own computer) that
windows for some reason didn't let subversion create a .svn/tmp folder.
Windows explorer was unable to create it, too, while cygwin's mkdir was
able to do so. Clearly a windows problem. Anyways:

The result was that svn 1.9.4 started complaining about the checksum of
all new files is wrong meaning that the working copy is broken. A svn
cleanup tells at least that the tmp folder cannot be created. But
afterwards it is kind of hard to recover from the problem: After
renaming the file in the repo makes it work again. But if it is renamed
back to its original name its checksum is broken again. Deleting the
file in the repo and re-adding it works, but might not be the Right
Thing to do.

=> For other projects I would have filed a bug report that somewhere a
check if the .svn/tmp directory exists/can be created is missing.
Rationale: The fact that the directory creation fails clearly isn't
svn's fault. But a little bit of extra paranoia after something that is
physically impossible has happened once doesn't hurt.

For svn I have read it is wise to ask this list instead - which I do
using this mail.

Kind regards,


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