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From Radek Krotil <>
Subject "Offset too large" error when packing repository in FSFS 7 format
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2016 07:36:24 GMT

Today, I encountered a problem when trying to pack a repository after
migrating it to the FSFS 7 format by performing full dump / load sequence.
Shortly, I get the following error
“Packing revisions in shard 5...svnadmin: E160056: Offset 391658998 too
large in revision 5102”

I was not able to understand from the documentation, what settings in
fsfs.conf should be modified to workaround this problem. Neither search in
the Internet brought any light into this. Is it even possible?

The mentioned revision seems to be a result of an user error. It resulted
in adding 169,200 paths to the repository. The delta file of the revision
5102 is 394141477 B. Subversion 1.9.3 was used when performing this
operation on CentOS 7.2. FSFS 7 backed uses default configuration
(therefore deltification is used).

Originally, the repository was stored in FSFS 6 format with default
settings (no deltification). Packing the repository in old format finished
successfully and the pack file size was about 831 MB.

Looking forward to hearing any guidance how to configure my backend so that
I can eventually pack the repository in the new format.


Radek Krotil

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