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From Sander Smeenk <>
Subject Re: Invalid character in hex checksum?
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2016 09:49:32 GMT
Quoting Stefan Sperling (

> > I fear that running 'svnadmin upgrade' on the repositories will break
> > compatibiltiy with older (though not 2006-old) SVN-clients
> No, it won't. As long as older clients access the repository over the
> network (i.e. not via file:// URLs) there will be no compatibility problem.

I will have to read up on the changes and incompatibilties it
introduces. Some of my systems use direct file:// access (although afaik
just for checkouts, no commits). So this *might* still be an issue.

> Logical addressing the what the 'Fast access to cold data on disk' row
> is all about.


> Can you run 'svnadmin info' (exists as of 1.9) on the old (non-upgraded)
> repository and show the output? That will give us details about its format.

The output is as follows:

| % svnadmin info foo
| Path: foo
| UUID: d7ac1088-da18-0410-849e-888fbd42cb43
| Repository Format: 3
| Compatible With Version: 1.1.0
| Filesystem Type: fsfs
| Filesystem Format: 1
| FSFS Sharded: no
| FSFS Logical Addressing: yes
| Configuration File: foo/db/fsfs.conf

Indeed it lists Logical Addressing 'yes'. 

> In any case, I would stick with dump/load in your situation instead of
> 'svnadmin upgrade' which is obviously not working right in your case.

As i understand, dump/load-ing also activates the new features like the
'pack' stuff. I have to read in to that and find out what this means for
o(l|th)er clients.

I use svn to commit changes but am not very experienced with the deeper
internals of svn's workings. ;)

> You should rather let the computer spend some time dealing with the dump
> and load process, instead of spending your own time working around problems
> and not even knowing if the result of your workarounds will be OK.

Will have to plan a maintenance window then. 
Gah. :)

Thanks for your prompt reply!
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