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From "Jens Christian Restemeier" <>
Subject suggestion: enhance workspace locking/clean message
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2016 14:05:02 GMT

At the moment users get a "workspace is locked, please run clean" style
message if they run two subversion commands on the same workspace. Obviously
the solution is to "not do that", but for example with subversion integrated
into tools it may not be obvious to a user. I had several users corrupt a
workspace by running a clean against a running command.


My suggestions:

Store a process identifier together with whatever is used to lock a
workspace, send a "ping" style message to the active process when another
command is run. If the other command is still running change the report to
"another process is still accessing the workspace"

Optionally block the second process until the first process is complete.
actually I was thinking about implementing that in our tools by peeking into
the workspace lock data, but didn't have time so far.





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