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From Dariusz Nowak <>
Subject LDAP Usage Question
Date Tue, 24 May 2016 07:51:46 GMT

I'm new in subversion world and tried to research something yesterday - without success, so
decided to post here. My question is related to authentication using LDAP.

My scenario is that I will require 2 auth methods (passwd + ldap) all of services (like Jenkins)
will use passwd + authz and all of "humans" will use their AD accounts.  I found really useful
option in config aliasses however got small problem applying to LDAP. And my question is:

Can I create aliasses for LDAP groups ? I want in my LDAP AUTH file to have something like:




@mygroup = r

So I'm allowing for example every User object in my ldap tree to access, but later limiting
it like that ... this is how our current setup works (a lot of hardcoded user/groups in auth/passwd
files and [/path/to/repo] = group1 = r, group2 = rw etc.

Trying to mimic that with LDAP



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