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From Stefan <>
Subject Re: Subversion checkout behavior at non-existent revision
Date Mon, 09 May 2016 22:46:14 GMT
On 5/10/2016 00:15, Daniel Shahaf wrote:
> Stefan Hett wrote on Mon, May 09, 2016 at 09:11:05 +0200:
>> 2) Why does the svn co command create a subdirectory 'a' instead of taking
>> the specified URL as the path to checkout entirely?
> Can you explain in more words what you expect
> .
>      cd /tmp/ && svn checkout
> .
> to do?
Nevermind. I just re-read the documentation on svn co and realize that 
it actually does create subdirectories based on the basename in the URL. 
So in combination with your other explanation on this thread everything 
is sound here and I yet again learned a new detail of the svn command 
line client today. :-)

TBH this is quite a surprise, since I would have assumed the PATH 
defaults to "." if not explicitly specified. Given the functionality of 
svn co to be able to checkout multiple paths and the general design to 
help with best practices in SVN, I understand the reasoning to use a 
different default behavior here however.


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