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From Eric Dramstad <>
Subject Can I combine 'complete' and 'cherry-pick' merges?
Date Tue, 15 Mar 2016 17:13:37 GMT
Is it safe/correct to do a combination of a 'complete' merge and a
'cherry-pick' merge to reintegrate a feature branch?

I've only ever done a 'complete' merge of a feature branch.  For this
project, several of the changesets from the branch contain a mix of
things I want to merge into the trunk and things I want to leave on
the branch.  For example, the version identifier that gets inserted
into compiled software was modified after branching so that builds
would identify themselves as special.

I'm thinking of doing this (while standing inside a trunk workarea):

    svn merge ^/feature
    svn merge -c -100 ./file.c
    svn merge -c -101 ./file.h
    svn commit -m 'reintegrated feature'

Eric Dramstad

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