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From <>
Subject Access control to stop creation of files/directories but allow svn:mergeinfo to be updated
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2016 14:18:10 GMT
As the subject line states I want access control to prevent the creation of files and directories
at a certain directory level and above.  Below that point, the general population can make
whatever changes they deem fit.  Another requirement I have is to always merge from the top
level but that top level can only be "generally" written be a small group of architects. 
With these two conflicting requirements, I need a way to control the read/write access for
files/directories but ensure the svn:mergeinfo can be written in this top level write protected
I've used the HTTPD access file before but I'm no longer the admin for the SVN server and
it just provides general r/w access.  I've used various perl/ini scripts to provide access
control (i.e
but currently the admins for Windows based VisualSVN server recommend using python.
It is looking like this custom pre-commit hook script will need to differentiate svn:mergeinfo
property changes from the general changes.  Then query for general access control hopefully
with an existing python/ini solution else allow the svn:mergeinfo to fall through and be checked
by the pre-revprop-change hook script.
Other suggestion/comments would be greatly appreciated. ---- Brent
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