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From "Webster, Brent (Coriant - CA/Ottawa)" <>
Subject 'svn status' reporting file not found when pathname contains an intermediate symlink
Date Mon, 25 Jan 2016 21:29:31 GMT
I have a script within an absolute directory path: ots/osm1s/Target/sdcard/proj/
It exists:
  >> ls -I ots/osm1s/Target/sdcard/proj/
   1376926 ots/osm1s/Target/sdcard/proj/

   >> svn status ots/osm1s/Target/sdcard/proj/
   # i.e. no mods

An intermediate symlink is setup and created in
   >> cd ots/development
   >> ln -s ../osm1s OSM1S

>From a Linux perspective, this link is valid
  >> ls -I ots/development/OSM1S/Target/sdcard/proj/
   1376926 ots/development/OSM1S/Target/sdcard/proj/
   # i.e. the inode is the same

It is special:
  >> svn pl ots/development/OSM1S
  Properties on 'ots/development/OSM1S':

but when I query it
   >> svn status ots/development/OSM1S/Target/sdcard/proj/
   svn: warning: W155010: The node '/svn/xxx/aSymlinkBug/ots/development/OSM1S/Target/sdcard/proj/'
was not found.

Note: Querying the status at the symlink reports nothing i.e no mods which is correct
  >> svn status ots/development/OSM1S

But as soon as I go past the symlink, the behaviour is erratic
  >> svn status ots/development/OSM1S/Target
  ?      ots/development/OSM1S/Target
  >> svn status ots/development/OSM1S/Target/sdcard
  svn: warning: W155010: The node '/svn/xxx/aSymlinkBug/ots/development/OSM1S/Target/sdcard'
was not found.

This is not the symlink behaviour that I'm expecting in SVN or should I not be so picky

Environment setup:

-          OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Client release 5.9 (Tikanga)

-          svn: 1.8.14

-          binaries installed directly, we didn't build them

-          no private mods

-          no Berkeley DB

Yes, it is an old OS but welcome to big iron/telecom development

The following is my setup:
1/ create a new private branch called aSymlinkBug
   svn mkdir $svnnap/sdevolution/trunk/Sandbox/bwebster/aSymlinkBug

2/ then check it out
   svn co $svnnap/sdevolution/trunk/Sandbox/bwebster/aSymlinkBug

3/ Setup required structure
   >> cd aSymlinkBug
   >> mkdir -p ots/development
   >> mkdir -p ots/osm1s/Target/sdcard/proj
   >> cat <<EOF >ots/osm1s/Target/sdcard/proj/
   echo "Just testing"
   >>chmod 755 ots/osm1s/Target/sdcard/proj/

4/ Now, create the intermeidate symlink
   >> cd ots/development
   >> ln -s ../osm1s OSM1S

5/ Add everything and check it in
   >> cd ../..
   >> svn add ots
   >> svn commit -m "initial bug setup"

Brent Webster

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