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Subject Re: point of time dump?
Date Tue, 19 Jan 2016 20:52:33 GMT

> On Jan 19, 2016, at 12:57 PM, Eric Antonio Maquiling <>
> SVN on Linux
> Tortoise on PC's installed
> First let me say, I'm the sysadmin, not a developer so they tasked me to get
> this done.  I take care of the SVN linux box and making sure it's up and
> running. I can do basic stuff on SVN such as commit and checking out.
> But here's something they asked me to do.  Mind you, this is all management
> request, not developers.
> They (managers) want a dump of code they can look at from say 1 and a half
> years ago.  I can do that with Tortoise easy enough.  But these managers won't
> have tortoise installed and I'm not going to train them on how to
> "revert/merge/update" tortoise.
> I *think* what they want is to be able to dump the repo, from 1.5 years ago, to
> something readable they can look at.  They don't want to change anything, they
> just want to be able to see it.
> What I typically do for them is just do a check out to my local PC, and burn
> the folder to a CD.  Yes, burn to a CD.  Old managers have old habits so I
> don't question that.  
> So what I (they) want is a CD with code that is 1.5 years old.  
> -- 
> eric

Hello Eric,

The first question you might want to ask your managers is what they expect that dump to look
like. Do they want a single point in time or would they like to see change over a range of
time. How that question is answered could save you some time and would give you some idea
of a direction.

To present the code as a snapshot of a point in time, you could look at the "svn export" command
and specify either a date or revision number corresponding to the date you are looking for.
This dump of code could easily be burned to an optical disk for archival. You can use a date
with the '-r' option to select a revision.

To present the code as a change over time, you have a couple of options. You could perform
the same export as above but do so for each revision of the repository over the selected range.
This could be automated creating separate directories or folders for each revision. This would
allow an intuitive way of browsing the code base over time without the use of svn technology.

If you need to present the actual changes, then using various options of the "svn log" command
could show the deltas of each commit over the same range. Use of the '-c' option might allow
for outputting each commit as a separate file through automation.

Again, find out what your managers expect that dump to look like.


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