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From Vikram B <>
Subject Re: Bug Report: Subversion 1.7 segfaults when using gnome-keyring authentication (Linux x64)
Date Fri, 22 Jan 2016 08:44:13 GMT
Hi Stefan,

Thank you for the response and clarification.
Yes, I'm using 1.7.19 and I'm with that issue.

And, I have tried installing CollabNet Subverion client 1.8.15 and I get a
different issue (svn: E175013:) as below. I don't think its a credentials
issue because it still fails with the same error even with explicit
credential specification.

Any idea, you can help on this.


]$ svn --version
svn, version 1.8.15 (r1718365)
   compiled Dec 16 2015, 13:42:56 on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu

Copyright (C) 2015 The Apache Software Foundation.
This software consists of contributions made by many people;
see the NOTICE file for more information.
Subversion is open source software, see

The following repository access (RA) modules are available:

* ra_svn : Module for accessing a repository using the svn network protocol.
  - with Cyrus SASL authentication
  - handles 'svn' scheme
* ra_local : Module for accessing a repository on local disk.
  - handles 'file' scheme
* ra_serf : Module for accessing a repository via WebDAV protocol using
  - using serf 1.3.8
  - handles 'http' scheme
  - handles 'https' scheme

]$ svn up .
Updating '.':
svn: E175013: Unable to connect to a repository at URL '<path>'
svn: E175013: Access to '<path>' forbidden

On Wed, Jan 20, 2016 at 4:13 PM, Stefan Hett <> wrote:

> Hi Vikram,
>> Hi,
>> I'm also stuck with this same issue,
>> "svn up" makes svn segfaults and coring.
>> This started happening when I give
>> my new password set in my svn server.
>> Can some one please help on this?
>> Any help is highly appreciated.
>> Thanks
>> Vikram
> Unfortunately the 1.7 branch is no longer supported. Said that, 1.7.19
> contained a fix for a crash related to gnome keyrings. Since the OP stated
> he had the crash with 1.7.20 as well as with 1.7.19 that fixed issue cannot
> be the one he was reporting, but maybe it applies in your case (if you are
> running an older 1.7 version)?
> Otherwise the OP stated that he didn't get crashes when using SVN 1.8 and
> that's what I suggest you'd try as well, if possible.
> --
> Regards,
> Stefan Hett

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