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From Philip Martin <>
Subject Re: Svn 1.9 repository 20% bigger than svn 1.8 repository
Date Fri, 29 Jan 2016 10:59:01 GMT
Gert Kello <> writes:

> They are identical up to rev 91450. And then there's a large gap between
> revisions 91450 and 155838. 155838 seems to be where new "svnsync" was
> started, there's gap of time stamps in revision files.
> 91450 does not seem to be special in term of sync sequence. About 60
> revisions within same minute, previous two in same second, next one 4
> seconds later

The rep-cache failure almost certainly explains the size difference.

> (How does svnsync work? "find last rev at source and sync up to that" or
> "sync while next revision present in source"? If latter then first sync
> failed for some reason... If first then it probably ran till completion.
> But does it actually matter?)

svnsync uses revision properties on r0 that get updated as the sync

   svnlook proplist -v --revprop -r0 path/to/repo

> Should I look at some svn oog information about the revisions where is
> started to fail? Anything special to look for? Or should we assume
> "antivirus or something else opened the file so that svnsync was unable to
> write it"? The sync for this rev has been executing in the middle of day so
> it is possible I tried to peek "how big the repo is at disk".

The SQLite code expects there to be contention for the file and has a
timeout (10s as I recall).  In your case something appears to have
blocked access for an extended period of time.

Philip Martin

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