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From Alfred von Campe <>
Subject Subversion commit email script and "unprintable" characters
Date Wed, 13 Jan 2016 15:27:59 GMT
We are using a (very old) script to send out email notifications from a post-commit
hook on our Linux server running Subversion 1.7.5.  Lately I’ve noticed some emails that
contain lots of “unprintable” characters.  Here is a snippet from a recent commit:

    If it?\226?\128?\153s nil, I set to false.

This is happening mostly from Mac clients.  Running “svn log” from the command line on
Linux and Windows shows the check-in comment correctly, but not from a Mac client ironically.
 This leads me to believe that the log is stored correctly on the server but that the
is script is not properly sending it out.  I assume this is an issue with not properly encoding
TF.  So my questions are:

   1. Where can I find the latest version of the script and does it fix this
   2. If not, what is the current recommended script to use to send email notifications from
a post-commit hook?


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