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From Marc Strapetz <>
Subject Re: 1 updated user can't commit
Date Wed, 27 Jan 2016 09:21:30 GMT
On 27.01.2016 09:35, Johan Corveleyn wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 26, 2016 at 8:26 PM, Corey Meyer <> wrote:
>> Howdy, I have a repository that I have multi-users updating and committing to and
from. Sadly my machine can’t commit. Since updating from SmartSVN7 to SmartSVN9 I get a
number of errors depending on circumstances.
>> If i’m trying to commit over the internet (which is normal, the server lives in
Seattle and I’m near Tacoma and half my other users are in New Jersey) I most likely get
an error were SVN just crashes or from the command line I get
>> svn: E120105: Commit failed (details follow):
>> svn: E120105: Error running context: The server sent an improper HTTP response
>> I was in the office yesterday on the same network and got a lot less crashes but
many of the same errors. After many attempts to rectify the commits I started getting this
error instead
>> libsvn: Out of memory - terminating application.
>> Abort trap: 6
>> Now i know my other users are not having any issue updating or committing, i’m
not having any issue updating but I am the only one who can’t commit. I also know I’m
the only one who has updated subversion to 1.9.3 and SmartSVN9.
>> As the IT guy i probably should have done this on a test box but I wasn’t really
expecting there to be any issues, haha jokes on me.
>> Any help would be fantastically welcomed and I’m happy to answer any questions
that will help me resolve this!
> Hi Corey,
> Some users on this list might have experience with SmartSVN, but most
> of us don't. The lingua franca around here is "command line usage of
> the native client" (i.e. a binary that's been built from officially
> released sources by the Apache Subversion project).

The problem which Corey has reported is reproducible with command line 
client (he just discovered it using SmartSVN).

> Now, I have some vague recollection that SmartSVN7 still used SVNKit
> inside (which is a pure Java re-implementation of svn, not supported
> by the Apache Subversion project, having its own mailinglist etc).

For SmartSVN 7, this is correct.

 > And
> SmartSVN9 probably uses a native svn client (svnkit has not made a 1.9
> release yet).

SmartSVN 9 is using the official SVN binaries (just we are using a 
custom build process).

> There might be some leftover working copy corruption,

This was my first suspect also, but the problem is reproducible with a 
clean Check Out, even for different repositories (URLs).


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