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Subject Re: point of time dump?
Date Tue, 19 Jan 2016 23:44:36 GMT

> On Jan 19, 2016, at 4:27 PM, Eric Antonio Maquiling <>
> On Tue, Jan 19, 2016 at 01:52:33PM -0700, wrote:
>> To present the code as a change over time, you have a couple of options. You
>> could perform the same export as above but do so for each revision of the
>> repository over the selected range. This could be automated creating separate
>> directories or folders for each revision. This would allow an intuitive way of
>> browsing the code base over time without the use of svn technology.
>> If you need to present the actual changes, then using various options of the "svn
log" command could show the deltas of each commit over the same range. Use of the '-c' option
might allow for outputting each commit as a separate file through automation.
> I was TOTALLY wrong in what it was they wanted.  More explantion from the
> managers reveiled this to me.  An outside agency wants to view the code
> (guessing some sort of audit).
> They want to see the code AND the changes to code (whatever file they want to
> see) over the course in time UP TO June of last year.  BUT not from June last
> year to present.
> Talked to a developer who is pretty good with SVN and he thought he had ideas
> but then turned out it won't work.
> I suggested they install Tortoise and they can view all the changes they want
> but the source code has to be outside the building and the network so it has to
> be presented something like a CD or DVD.
> -- 
> eric

Ok, this is still workable. The first option assumes that your auditors have no clue how to
use SVN and would be fine with raw source code minus all the nice meta-data provided by subversion.
The second option assumes your auditors are at least willing to use SVN tools to browse a

Option 1) You will still need to automate the export of every revision from 1 to the end date
you have in mind.

Something like this (choose your favorite scripting language):

for R in 1..X (where X is the revision from June of last year)
  svn export -r $R  foldername.$R

This will export each revision into its own folder, named with the revision number from the
repository. You will lose all meta data with this method: Who changed what, and what the commit
log was for each commit will be lost. Depending on how old and how big your repository is,
this might exceed the capability of your local machine and the capacity of optical storage

Option 2) On the other hand, if your auditors are familar with subversion and would like a
local COPY of the repository so that meta data are preserved, you might have better luck using
"svnadmin dump -r1:X" to dump out the range of revisions up to X, or June of last year. Then
use "svnadmin load" to create a new subset repository containing only the revisions in question.
This duplicate, subset repository could be burned to optical media and browsed using tools
such as Tortoise.

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