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From Philip Martin <>
Subject Re: svnlook changed doesn't include all of the files that are part of the commit
Date Mon, 23 Nov 2015 17:54:46 GMT
"Hartleroad, James [IT]" <> writes:

> Just trying to get a better understanding on why svnlook shows the
> files when reviewing one commit and not the other, when both commits
> "changed" what was in the repository, at least to the point that the
> files are copied to the new location.

You might want to use --copy-into to see which changes are copies.  You
can use 'svnlook tree' to get the copied tree.  If a copy has additional
modification beyond a simple copy then 'svnlook changed' will show them.

Adds and copies are different and there is no single answer to the
question of what diff should show for copies.  The 'svnlook changed'
answer is often what is wanted, for example when making a tag:

  $ svnlook changed --copy-info -r1703885 apache-repo-fsfs
  A + subversion/tags/1.9.2/
      (from subversion/branches/1.9.x/:r1703836)
  U   subversion/tags/1.9.2/subversion/include/svn_version.h

For 'svn diff' there are options: --no-diff-added, --no-diff-deleted,
--show-copies-as-adds, etc. precisely because different things are
wanted in different cases.  'svnlook changed' doesn't have equivalent
options and that is partly because there is less demand for them.

Philip Martin

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