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From Eric Johnson <>
Subject Incomplete SVN dump files
Date Tue, 15 Sep 2015 05:16:06 GMT
I'm in a situation where I'm dumping Subversion repositories from remote
locations (using svnrdump).

The repositories are big enough, and the network connections between
destinations just unstable enough that the repositories aren't making it
all in one dump call. I've noticed, for one repository in particular, that
I actually got a dump file that had only a part of the last commit before
the connection broke.

When I loaded up the repository, Subversion reported no problems on the
svnadmin load, but it seems to me it should have noticed that the final
commit recorded in the dump file was incomplete, and discarded it. Instead,
it happily loaded it, and reported no problems.

At least I was lucky enough to check that it was complete, and I used a
technique <> to drop all but the last
revision. Now I can load a new dump file from the commit that was

This brings me back to my question - shouldn't the load process ignore the
last commit if it is incomplete in the dump file? That way I know I have an
error to address!


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