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From Ryan Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Strange error when svn update --set-depth
Date Tue, 25 Aug 2015 00:28:57 GMT

On Aug 24, 2015, at 11:12 AM, Niemann, Hartmut wrote:

> I am using the command line client of the latest 1.8 tortoise SVN on windows 7 to change
the depth
> of a working copy. The subdirectory ACS64-A8 contains only an svn:external.
> Extending depth to include that said external works flawlessly.
> But when I remove it, I get two warnings and an error (Zugriff verweigert is Access denied):
> D:\PRJ\RDA\Main\Images>svn update --set-depth empty ACS64-A8
> Updating 'ACS64-A8':
> Removed external 'ACS64-A8\images': Can't check path 'D:\PRJ\RDA\Main\Images\ACS64-A8\images\.svn':
Zugriff verweigert
> svn: warning: W200000: Error handling externals definition for 'ACS64-A8\images':
> svn: warning: W720005: Can't check path 'D:\PRJ\RDA\Main\Images\ACS64-A8\images\.svn':
Zugriff verweigert
> Updated to revision 3872.
> svn: E205011: Failure occurred processing one or more externals definitions
> but strange enough: the directory images is gone.
> So I get an error for an action that looks like it succeeded finally.
> Could the virus scanner delay a delete action, so that svn *thinks* it didn’t work?
> (svn, version 1.8.14 (r1692801)    compiled Aug  2 2015, 17:48:46 on x86-microsoft-windows)

Virus scanners definitely can interfere with Subversion. Have you tried turning your virus
scanner off, or telling it not to scan the directory containing your working copy(ies)?

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