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From Y Coder <>
Subject How to use external diff3 for binary files?
Date Tue, 04 Aug 2015 08:01:25 GMT

I have some external mydiff3.exe, working with text and binary files
(simple gui for Use_their-Use_mine).

My svn command line is

svn.exe update my_work_copy_path --diff3-cmd mydiff3.exe

This work well for text files (svn call mydiff3.exe for each conflicted
files through update process), but for binary files svn skip the
mydiff3.exe and show the internal commandline menu.

*How to tell to svn to accept --diff3-cmd mydiff3.exe for binary files?*

RTFM (diff3-cmd
and External Tools
from svn red-book) doesn't help.

*PS *There is a mention that the behavior depends on mime-type - but it is
not clear where to configure it.

Thank you!

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