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From "" <>
Subject JavaHL logMessages only one callback
Date Wed, 19 Aug 2015 08:48:08 GMT
I am trying to find change history and thought that using logMessage will
provide the information.

I am using a call as descibre below:

pegRevision = Revision.HEAD,
ranges = [RevisionRange(Revision.HEAD, Revision.START)]
stopOnCopy = false
discoverPath = true
includeMergedRevisions = true
limit = -1

May callback function is only called once with the last commit information.

I tried:
stopOnCopy true and false
limt -1, 0, 1000
includeMergedRevisions = true and false
ranges with  RevisionRange(Revision.START, Revision.HEAD)

I never receive more than one callback.

Then I tried something different:

determine maxRev after previous list operation.

ranges = RevisionRange(maxRev + "-0")

and now I get all the versions.

It seems as if the RevisionRange(Revision.HEAD, Revision.START) is not
being treated as expected.

Am I misunderstanding the RevisionRange class?

Corneil du Plessis

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