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From Philip Martin <>
Subject Re: Problem with svnsync when the auth directory has been removed
Date Thu, 20 Aug 2015 16:12:58 GMT
Vincent Lefevre <> writes:

> When the .config/auth directory has been removed (or has never
> existed, e.g. when the mirror repository is accessed from a
> different machine), I get an error:
> $ svnsync sync file://$PWD/svn-mpfr
> svnsync: E165001: Revprop change blocked by pre-revprop-change hook
> (exit code 1) with output:
> Only the svnsync user can change revprops
> with the pre-revprop-change hook mentioned on:
> I would have expected the username "svnsync" to be remembered.

.subversion/auth is where it is recorded.  If you don't have that it is
not remembered.

> There's no documentation at all about the way it is remembered,

It is recorded the same way all other auth credentials are recorded.

> and
> the relation to the .config/auth directory was not obvious: there's
> nothing related to authentication here.

The only slightly tricky thing is that ra_local has some slightly odd
rules about when it gets authentication credentials.

> It seems that the fix is to provide the "--sync-username svnsync"
> option to svnsync, and then this option is no longer needed. Again,
> this is not documented.

It is documented in "svnsync init --help".  I've  updated the file in
notes to refer to --source-username and --sync-username.

Philip Martin

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