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From Thorsten Schöning <>
Subject mod_dav_svn: Different authz files for different locations
Date Tue, 11 Aug 2015 09:11:04 GMT
Hi all,

I'm trying to publish my repos using mod_dav_svn and would like to
have one authz file per repo for some repos and one combined for most
of the others, because only a few need to provide access for 3rd party
users and differ from the common one. This list has pointed me to
AuthzSVNReposRelativeAccessFile which seems to work fine in general,
but not with my intended setup.

I would like to have one location defining all the mod_dav stuff and
configuring AuthzSVNReposRelativeAccessFile with the general authz
file and another location where I match only some special repo names
and override their AuthzSVNReposRelativeAccessFile. This looks like
the following:

>        <Location "/bin">
>                DAV                             svn
>                SVNParentPath                   /home/ams_svn_repos/Bin
>                SVNListParentPath               On
>                AuthzSVNReposRelativeAccessFile ../../../BaseCfg/authz
>        </Location>
>        <LocationMatch "/bin/(?:Briefkaesten|DocBeam3|GosaPrint)/">
>                AuthzSVNReposRelativeAccessFile authz
>        </LocationMatch>

This doesn't work with the following error:

> [Tue Aug 11 10:58:59.368679 2015] [authz_svn:error] [pid 27151:tid 1399868672837
> 12] (2)No such file or directory: [client] Failed to load th
> e mod_authz_svn config: Can't open file '/home/ams_svn_repos/Bin/bin/conf/authz'
> : No such file or directory

The problem is the "Bin/bin" part, which should be "Bin/DocBeam3"
instead and is working correctly for the first "Location" block and
some other repo name. This of course means that the two different
AuthzSVNReposRelativeAccessFile are recognized at all, it just seems
that the relativ path is not resolved correctly or that in the second
Location block the repo name can't be extracted properly.

So is may intended setup possible at all? Am I encountering a bug in
recognizing the repo name from the URL? Is there some workaround which
makes my intended setup possible? I thought of using symbolic links in
the repos conf dir itself...

Thanks for any input!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Thorsten Schöning

Thorsten Schöning       E-Mail:
AM-SoFT IT-Systeme

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Fax...............05151-  9468- 88
Mobil..............0178-8 9468- 04

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