We are using svn which is craching with the following message:
This application has halted due to an unexpected error.
A crash report and minidump file were saved to disk, you can find them here:
Please send the log file to users@subversion.apache.org to help us analyze and solve this problem.

NOTE: The crash report and minidump files can contain some sensitive information
(filenames, partial file content, usernames and passwords etc.)
Joined to this mail is the log file with our password cleared with xxxxxxx
Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards
Bernard Gosset  |   S.I.I   |  Partner Business  |   France  |   Gaïa & Embedded Software technical coordinator  
* Email: bernard.gosset@non.schneider-electric.com  |   Site:
www.schneider-electric.com  |   Adresse: Electropôle, site 38EQI - 31 rue Pierre Mendes France - 38050 Grenoble cedex 9 - France

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