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From "Andreas Stieger" <>
Subject Re: Re: Sync-ing two SVN repositories
Date Wed, 22 Jul 2015 07:26:23 GMT
"Nico Kadel-Garcia" wrote:
> > Best approach in the svn space for Mani would be vendor branches based on the information
> Or investing in a genuine multi-master version of Subversion, which
> Wandisco sells. Simply spending some money instead of investing in
> hours of hacking and refactoring to make things work for your own
> special needs is sometimes.... well, more expensive in other ways.

That product does what it sais on the tin (synchronous replication), that is if you can get
it! I tried to buy it and failed, maybe I lacked enterprise patience and perseverance. Nonwithstanding
Wandisco's contribution to svn, in the end I found that it offers marginal improvement compared
to a well maintained and monitored svnsync / write-through proxy setup with free and built-in


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