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From Mani Raju <>
Subject Sync-ing two SVN repositories
Date Mon, 20 Jul 2015 15:08:06 GMT
My company & vendor planning to maintain 2 independent SVN
repositories(URLs & server names are different) & need to merge between 2

Is SVN 1.8 support merging between 2 repos at trunk or branch level?
Is any tool provides auto sync or auto merging without manual intervention

Tried with TortoiseSVN  by creating 2 repositories, merged & getting the
below error.Refer attached.

ERROR --> svn: 'x' isn't in the same repository as 'y' "

I got the below link to sync between branches from different
repositories.Provided solution in this link is to maintain
the same UUID for both repo.So I am guessing we can sync at branch level.

I am not a SVN admin.Just evaluating the products to recommend to my
team.Please advise if I am wrong.

Thanks in advance!

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