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From Y Coder <>
Subject distributed subversion without central server
Date Thu, 02 Jul 2015 12:38:59 GMT

Can I organize the distributed subversion without central server?

My situation - few developers are edit the several projects with lot of
small and huge files (X GBs). Developers are in the web, not in lan, and
our projects are non-commersial. So. payed hosting are too expansive, and
free hosting are size limited.

It's will be ideal to have some distributed workflow, for example such this

-          1 Each developer have the local repo.

-          2 All changes are saved to patch files, patches are published to
mal list or to torrents

Have svn patch functions for distributed workflow? I try the svn diff and
svn patch commands, but there was confusion revision history between two

Can you advise?

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