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From Andrew Reedick <>
Subject RE: Tool for upgrading many svn repos with dump/load?
Date Fri, 10 Jul 2015 17:26:28 GMT
Since you're moving from windows to Ubuntu, you can run the dump/load process over ssh to avoid
having to deal with bloated dump files:
 (You can use mobaxterm ( ) on Windows, which is a Cygwin bash
shell in a self contained exe.  Very, very  convenient.)

You can also use ssh to create the empty repos remotely.

As for merging the configurations, short of creating a temp repo in which you check in the
default repo's auth/conf/hook files into trunk, and then checking in your live repo auth/conf/hook
scripts into a branch off of trunk, then merging the branch into the trunk to effectively
merge the files and then copying the merged files to the new repos, I don't know of anything.

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From: Thorsten Schöning [] 
Sent: Friday, July 10, 2015 3:53 AM
Subject: Tool for upgrading many svn repos with dump/load?

Hi all,

are you aware of any tool that is able to upgrade many SVN repos by creating a new empty default
repo, dump a corresponding old repo, load that dump into the new one AND is able to MERGE
the configuration? I have some dozen repos hosted by svnserve with independent realms, users,
authz rules and such. This configuration could be just copied, but I would prefer merged default
configs for documentation purpose and such.

I've created something similar in the past using Powershell, but without the merge stuff and
it just don't work on our now used Ubuntu servers. Before I roll my own new script, I wanted
to make sure that I don't miss anything because I didn't found something mentioned on the


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