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From Markus Schaber <>
Subject AW: Feature request: Save the old file when svn revert
Date Tue, 21 Jul 2015 13:01:09 GMT

Von: Grierson, David []
> From: 牛暁冬 []
> > "svn revert" will delete the local changes and nowhere to find,
> > which is dangerous.
> > I suggest the default behaiver should be save the local changed
> > file(if any) to "filename.local" and do the revert.
> That's actually not a bad idea ... I've been burnt by this one a
> couple of times myself.
> Probably worth raising it with the list to
> see if it's something that they've considered previously.

I'm not really sure what to think about this one...

In the end, the whole purpose of "svn revert" is to drop the local
changes and *revert* everything back to the state the repository has.

All other commands need a --force or other explicit user decision to
override user changed data, but the whole purpose of the "svn revert"
command is to undo local changes - putting a --force option or 
something similar seems like a bit of contradiction.

On the other hand, I'm not an SVN core developer, so it's just my 
personal opinion.

How do the other RCSes handle this situation? Maybe we can learn
some ideas for a nice(r) UI there...

Best regards

Markus Schaber

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