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From OBones <>
Subject Re: Feature request: Save the old file when svn revert
Date Tue, 21 Jul 2015 09:06:06 GMT
Grierson, David wrote:
> I completely understand that the action of sending to the Recycle Bin (in TortoiseSVN)
is very system specific.
> To simply rename the item being reverted as $item.$backupSuffix before then restoring
the pristine item is presumably not that system specific?
> Having this functionality in the base tool would then provide a benefit to all users
and not just those using a specific IDE.
I would very much prefer if this could be an option that is not enabled 
by default. I mean, this would clutter the filesystem with many files 
that one would have to delete manually, especially when considering that 
some of us are using less than optimal filesystems when it comes down to 
lots of small files.

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