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From Andreas Stieger <>
Subject Re: SVN: script lauft nicht das erste mal / PRO-144127
Date Mon, 06 Jul 2015 20:00:24 GMT

On 06/07/15 17:23, wrote:
> We have following configuration installed on a server:
> SVN Version: svn, version 1.7.9 (r1462340)
> SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (i586)
> VERSION = 11

That's not the SLE supported version of Subversion, nor the current
package I am building in the OBS for SLE 11 SP3.

> Sometimes when checking out data on a client from the server we have
> following error message:

Text strongly preferred over screenshots.

> When retrying just after, all is working.

Check if this is logged server-side at all, and what's happening on the
wire, and what conditions are required to trigger the behaviour.

> Is this problem already identified ? solved ?

There is no newer release in 1.7.x than the one you are running, and I
am not sure the problem description is sufficiently specific as it is.


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