I have a SVN machine in my network. I can do anything I want via svn://. I just setup the http:// access and it seems working until I found I cannot commit my new file. The error message is :

$ svn add scripts
A         scripts
A         scripts/svnbackup.sh
[user1@dev2 Docs]$ svn commit -m "add svnbackup.sh file"
Authentication realm: <> Subversion User Authentication
Password for 'user1': ******

svn: E000013: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: E000013: Can't open file '/home/svn/Docs/db/txn-current-lock': Permission denied

I went to the svn server and found all folders and files belong to svn group which the user1 is one the members. the svn group has rw permission there. In order to narrow down the issue, I renamed my working copy and checked out the same repository with svn:// connection and I found I can do commit without any issue.

It indicates the issue is not in the svn server but the error reported is telling me the svn server refused the write. So I am confused.

I was able to connected and check out the repository via http:// connection. It seems the http:// part is working.

I am using Fedora 20 on both machines. And I have disabled the SeLinux. The $getenforce told me "Disabled"

My svn version is 1.8.11.

The instruction I followed to enable the http:// access is from here: SVN (Subversion) Access Control with Apache and mod_authz_svn | If Not True Then False

Any ideas?