We do have Master- Slave set up and slave has been initialized to Master url.
Master Url : http://svnserver.com:8080/svn
Slave Url : http://svnSlave.com:8080/svn
We have synced master and slave using the below command from master.
svnsync --non-interactive sync http://svnSlave.com/svn-proxy/repo_name --username=****** --password=*****
Now we have to change the port number of both master and slave.And sync process will fail in current setup because of wrong port number which has been used to initialize earlier.
So I tried to change the url to ne url in Repository/db/revprops/0/0 (in the unix server ) but got the below error.Should I initialze the repositoy in slave with new url and start the sync process from starting OR any other way to continue?
svnsync: E175002: DAV request failed; it's possible that the repository's pre-revprop-change hook either failed or is non-existent
svnsync: E175008: At least one property change failed; repository is unchanged
svnsync: E175002: Error setting property 'sync-lock':
Serialized hash malformed
Thanks & Regards,
Anup T S


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