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From "Bailey, Mark" <>
Subject RE: HPUX : E000002 - libapr
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2015 15:14:52 GMT
Thanks Philip,

Your solution worked fine.

It reverted to using mktemp on the HPUX platform so we changed the libapr source as suggested
which indeed fixed the issue and used the internal mkstemp......

The fix was as below if anybody else comes access this issue on HPUX.....


Insert the following lines (comment as you please !)

* Force the use of internal temporary filename creation.
* Do not use mktemp() of mkstemp() due to  restriction of
* 26 filenames on HP-UX

before line 56, which is currently...


You should end up with a section like this

#include "apr_portable.h" /* for apr_os_file_put() */
#include "apr_arch_inherit.h"


#if defined(SVR4) || defined(WIN32) || defined(NETWARE)
#ifdef SVR4

Thanks, Mark....

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From: Philip Martin [] 
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To: Bailey, Mark
Subject: Re: HPUX : E000002 - libapr

Stefan Sperling <> writes:

> Have you asked HP about this? From this problem description it looks 
> as if their mktemp was seriously broken.

APR uses mkstemp() rather than mktemp() but that probably makes no difference.  APR also has
custom code that can be used when mkstemp() is not available so rebuilding APR to to use that
would be a workaround.

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