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From STF SVN <>
Subject How to setup Write-through proxying (aka Replication on-the-fly) in VisualSVN server?
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2015 23:47:23 GMT
I know this mailing-list has nothing to do with VisualSVN server, but I
really need some help.

I need to set up SVN replication on the fly, aka write-through proxying,
using VisualSVN server.  I know the new version of VisualSVN server
supports replication, but for technical reason, I'm still using old version

I have found some articles here and there, eg
etc etc and tried to follow them but failed.  Maybe because those
procedures are for Linux-based SVN server?  And how much are those articles
relevant to VisualSVN server, ie Windows-based SVN server?

Has anyone managed to do this?

I could restart the whole setting from zero.  Could someone point me out
the correct procedure to configure VisualSVN Server, ie in Windows, to
support write-through proxying, please?

Thanks a lot

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