Hi Bert,

Link which you provided is really helpful for me.

Have gone through the BasicTests.java. I have tried the checkout instead revProps in BasicTests. Whether I need to change the commands byte array.  If yes, what I have to add it in the commands.

I'm not sure what's the exact purpose of those commands.

Can you clarify the above and also what's the reason for adding those commands into WritableByteChannel.


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Hi Bert,

Thanks for the response.

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Subversion 1.9 is not released yet, so the api may change before we release 1.9.


But if you want to test the early code there are some testcases you might want to look at in


(for the C api)




(for the JavaHL api)


Outside the Subversion source SharpSvn’s trunk contains some code that uses the api to implement svn+ssh:// using libssh2.




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I'm in a plan to use Subversion 1.9. While glance through the Subversion 1.9 API, I have noticed that it contains TunnelAgent to create the tunnel and run the subversion commands over there. Also it contains the method openTunnel in TunnelAgent.

I'm new to this concept. So Can you please clarify me how to set the tunnel agent in my application, open and run the command in it.