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From Nico Kadel-Garcia <>
Subject Re: TortoiseSVN on the shared drive to be used by multiple users
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2014 23:52:06 GMT
On Fri, Dec 5, 2014 at 3:07 PM, Ryan Schmidt
<> wrote:
> On Dec 4, 2014, at 10:42 AM, frame wrote:
>> In our office, each of us has his own PC. Cygwin is installed on each PC. Every PC
can access the shared S drive.
>> I have installed TortoiseSVN on my own PC. I am thinking doing a short-cut: no need
to install TortoiseSVN on everybody's PC. I just copied my C:/Program Files/TortoiseSVN to
the S drive. Now everybody in Cygwin on his PC can have 'svn' command(svn is an alias now
to avoid typing the long path). For example, "svn --version" works on everybody's Cygwin.
>> The problem is authentication. On their PC Window Explorer, mouse right click won't
show those SVN options in the menu. On their Cygwin, I typed this command:
>> svn ls username my_username --password my_secret_pswd URL
>> prompting me to enter password for the user 'my_username', I did and it hangs there
>> I checked his PC %AppData%/Roaming/Subversion/auth/svn.simple. The directory has
been created on his own drive. But it is always empty.
>> I even cleaned my own svn.simple directory, re-run TortoiseSVN gui again, this time
I entered his username and password so that a credential file was created in my svn.simple/.
Then I moved this file(containing his credentials) to his own empty svn.simple/, then on his
Cygwin I tried "svn ls URL". It still didn't work.
>> Is that possible for me to set up such a thing so that everybody can use the shared
svn on the S drive, no need to install his own?
> I don't know if TortoiseSVN can be used that way. You could ask on the TortoiseSVN mailing

frame is mixing two distinct issues. TortoiseSVN manipulates the
Windows systems configurations when installed and requires a reboot to
activate the ability to open a folder and get the varioius TortoiseSVN
browsing and display options. So installing a shared copy will *NOT*
provide all the TortoiseSVN options. TortoiseSVN also provides
credential management, to store SVN credentials encrypted locally.
Again, that's in the local sytem's configuration, and built into

So, while sharing a copy of the binary kind-of/sort-of/almost works,
it's as likely to be completely broken as sharing the same Subversion
binary from an NFS drive among multiple versions of Linux. Just Never
Do This(tm).

The separate issue is the shared CIFS drive. This can work great,
until it doesn't. There are *inevitable* delays between when one
person, modifying files, has published a write operation and someone
else with another access to the same shared drive cannot yet see the
change., Unless the authors of Subversion, and the structure of CIFS
shared drives have been very, very careful to handle atomic local
database operations, frame is in real danger of submitting
simultaneous writes and causing... well, chaos.

This can certainly work with light loads and only a few users, or
possibly with personnel who don't modify the same parts of the working
copy at the same time.

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