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From "Somashekarappa, Anup (CWM-NR)" <>
Subject RE: Error while committing
Date Wed, 17 Dec 2014 13:26:58 GMT

Same script is working fine for other repository.

Thanks & Regards,
Anup T S

From: Branko ─îibej []
Sent: 2014, December, 17 5:59 AM
Subject: Re: Error while committing

On 17.12.2014 11:46, Somashekarappa, Anup (CWM-NR) wrote:


For one of the repository we are getting the below error while committing.

But the same script is working fine for other repositories.

I have given full permission ( chmod 777 pre-commit ) to the script but it is not getting


May I know what could be the reason?

Exit code 255 usually means that a script was not found, or could not be executed. There can
be many reasons for that; from invalid symbolic links, to a missing #! line in the script
itself. In any case, you'll have to double-check your server and repository setup.

-- Brane

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