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From Mohsin <>
Subject Re: SVN Issue On Solaris OS
Date Thu, 11 Dec 2014 01:40:56 GMT
>Subversion's SPARC Solaris buildbot slave is a T1000.  It takes about
>6min to build Subversion and 25min to run the regression tests on a RAM
>disk. By way of comparison, my Linux desktop is about one year old and a
>similar build is less than 30sec and the tests take less than 3min.  The
>regression tests do not reliably predict the performance of real
>Subversion servers since the data sets in the tests are tiny, but this
>shows that for some workloads a T1000 is an order of magnitude slower
>than an x86. 

That's make sense. Thanks for your feedback. Now I am sure issue is with
machine T1000 which responds slow then desktop Linux machine. I need to
migrate svn on T2000 or above specs machine for better performance.


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