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From Thomas Harold <>
Subject Efficiency of rep-sharing (deduplication) in 1.8 and later
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2014 15:17:15 GMT
I have a question about how efficient SVN is at de-duplication within a
repository with regards to files that appear in multiple locations, but
which have the same content.

I know a small improvement was made in 1.8...

> When representation sharing has been enabled, Subversion 1.8 will now
> be able to detect files and properties with identical contents within
> the same revision and only store them once. This is a common
> situation when you for instance import a non-incremental dump file or
> when users apply the same change to multiple branches in a single
> commit.

#1 - If a commit puts files A, B and C into the repository, and a latter
commit puts files B, C and D into the repository at a different
location, is SVN smart enough to realize that B and C are already stored
in the repository?

In other words, does it track each individual file separately, even if
they were all part of one big revision?

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