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From Nick <>
Subject (More) Easily view patches
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2014 22:20:22 GMT
Well I got around to creating the script mentioned in the course of this

As originally intended, this script helps to view a patch file w/out
touching an existing working copy or requiring a new/scratch working
copy.  It works by parsing the patch file for the list of files & base
revs, getting a copy of each into a temporary tree (sort of like a
sparse checkout, minus the actual checkout), applying the patch to a
clone of the base tree, and launching a diff program to view the two.

The diff program used defaults to using the same program set for the
diff-cmd value in ~/.subversion/config if defined, and can be overridden
via an env variable.

The only caveat that I can think of is that the patch file must be
generated via {svn diff --git}.  I won't say that it's impossible to
make this work w/ the output of {svn diff}, but the git format made some
things a lot easier.

I believe there are some scenarios which are not yet supported.
Possibly things like property mods w/out file content changes.

Until I setup a better home for it, the script is currently available at

Usage info is available by running it w/out params.  Basically, from a
WC directory: <patch file>

I hope it helps someone.

Best regards,

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