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From James <>
Subject Re: please help me with path-based access control setup
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2014 20:38:30 GMT
Ok, I found what wrong with my authz file's settings after read the svnbook carefully again.

Now  there is only one thing still doesn't work for me:  deny the access of a subdirectory:

by follow the example in the svnbook, I have the following setting:

superuser = rw
#* = r

user1 = rw

user1 =

user2 = rw

suppose the user1 shouldn't have access to the "/proj1/trunk/proj1Folder1" directory.  but
when I do checkout, that directory is still be checked out to my machine.

is that behavor correct?

On Wednesday, September 10, 2014 2:05 PM, James <> wrote:

My svnserve is running on Fedora and I can access (checkout, update, ..) with svn://repository/..
without any issue from local machine and another machine.

I also setup user/password access control. It works great. Now I am trying to add path-based
access control on top of it.

I enabled the "authz-db = authz" on the svnserve.conf file.
I tested with following settings on the authz file:

testuser = rw
$authenticated = rw
* = rw
but none worked. I always get this error:
svn: E170001: Authorization failed.

If I disable the  "authz-db = authz" on the svnserve.conf file, svn immediately works.

My svn repositry is in /home/svn directory. The repository name is Playground. There are two
projects there: proj1 and proj2.

When I try to do checkout with --username --password option, I was asked for password. After
pass the name/password, I received the "svn: E170001: Authorization failed." error.

My setting in the authz file is not correct? or I need to change more configurations?

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