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From Rich Shepard <>
Subject Clarifying Repository Setup and Initial Import
Date Mon, 14 Jul 2014 16:21:13 GMT
   Running 1.7.16 on Slackware-14.1. I used svn about a decade ago and am now
starting a new project and want to start fresh with the tool. I've read the
book, particularly Chapters 2 and 5 several times and still have questions
whose answers I don't find in the book.

   The repository is located in ~/development/svn-repos/. Following the
section "Planning Your Repository Organization" in Chapter 5 I created two
project root directories which I'll call project-A/ and project-B/. Under
each of these I created the subdirectories of branches/, tags/, and trunks/.
However, running 'svnadmin create ~/development/svn-repos/' from
~/development failed because the directory existed so I removed the
svn-repos/ subdirectory and re-ran the svnadmin create command. Then I
recreated the two project subdirectories (root, branches, tags, and trunk).

   When I run 'svnlook info file:///home/rshepard/development/svn-repos/'
this error is reported:

svnlook: E000002: Can't open file
'file:/home/rshepard/development/svn-repos/format': No such file or

Yet, that file is present:

ls svn-repos/
README.txt  conf/  db/  project-A/  format  hooks/  locks/  project-B/

Is this error generated because I've not yet imported either project?

   To import the current code for each project, I assume that I need to cd to
that project's subdirectory before running 'svn import'. When I specify the
repository location with
file:///home/rshepard/development/svn-repos/project-?/ do I also need to
specify the trunk/ subdirectory?

   When I clarify how to get the repository directory structure correct, and
use the correct syntax to populate each project's repository, I will use
that same syntax to checkout and commit changes to each project.


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