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From Bob Archer <>
Subject RE: newbie cant import files into repo
Date Mon, 21 Jul 2014 14:26:48 GMT
> Hi, I created a repo using svnadmin create in a dir called trunk (that's what
> your supposed to do, right?) The operation succeeded but the files that I
> want to version (c source which I should have versioned long ago.) I can't
> seem to add to the repo. When the code is ready for alpha release I plan to
> host it on source forge but until then It's just me working on the code and my
> online connection is intermittent so I decided to create my repo locally. I'm
> not subscribed so please include my email in your reply.
> Thanks, David

You can create your repository in any folder you want. It doesn't have to be in a folder named
trunk. Trunk is usually a folder that you create insider your repository.

I assume you want to do this all locally. 

So, create your repository. 

md TempRepoRoot
cd TempRepoRoot
svnadmin create MyRepo

Once you do that you want to do a check out.

md Projects (probably in your user folder)
cd Projects   (probably in your user folder)

Now do your checkout with the file protocol:

svn co file:///c:/%HOMEPATH%/TempRepoRoot/MyRepo MyWorkingCopy

Now you have checked out your repo you can create some folders:

Cd MyWorkingCopy
Svn mkdir trunk
Svn mkdir branches
Svn mkdir tags

Then, check that in...

Svn ci -m "Initialize repo"

Now you probably want to checkout trunk, or perhaps switch to trunk. Up to you.

Cd ..
svn co file:///c:/%HOMEPATH%/TempRepoRoot/MyRepo/trunk ProjectTrunk

Then, copy all your files into there. Do an svn add and Bob's your uncle.

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